Pixel as a three dimensional shape

Pixel as a three dimensional shape“ includes several design disciplines. Product technology and design theory meet textildesign, fashiondesign, visual communication, photography and film. Exceptional materials, specially designed textiles and cutting structures create two dimensional pixels in form of a fashion collection.

A comparison between the woven and the digital image shows, that the digital image in its present form would not exist without the woven image. The punch card mechanism, which automates the binary system for the first time comes originally from weaving. Woven images are planned in a grid using black and white boxes to control the lifting of the warp threads. Computer pioneers like Charles Babbage took the idea of punch card mechanism to process information.

Very striking, based on the technique of Jacquard weaving and the pixels in digital photography, the given grid of the two image forms becomes the pattern of specially designed textiles, which in turn represent the defining element of the planned collection. The textiles of silk and polyester were filled with the natural fiber Kapok, which is known for its exceptional ease, wrapped with Teflon foil and further processed with pleated technology. Based on the comparison between the woven image and the digital image, woven wall hangings were produced, which show digital images in different resolutions.